15 Best Beaches In Georgia

The state of Georgia is protected by a 100-mile-long stretch of shoreline that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean between South Carolina and Florida. 

It features hundreds of stunning beaches that each offer something different. So whether you want to experience a family-friendly day on the beach, or prefer a more secluded environment, your perfect beach exists along the Georgia coastline.

It’s always difficult narrowing down these lists, so we have done the hard work for you in this guide. Read on to discover our top picks for the best beaches in Georgia.  

1. Tybee Island

Located just 18 miles away from the hustle and bustle of Savannah, Tybee Island (or ‘Savannah beach’) offers miles of gilded sand and breathtaking sea views. 

This island is one of Georgia’s most popular tourist destinations, and it’s easy to see why.  There are many varied activities for the whole family to enjoy.

From dolphin cruises, ecology tours and opportunities for fishing right in the surf, to being able to participate in exhilarating water sports – there is no end to the experiences you can have!

Just don’t forget to bring your appetite with you! Tybee Island is home to over 40 mouthwatering restaurants, so it won’t be difficult to cater to your preferences. Besides, who doesn’t love a bit of seafood?

2. Cumberland Island National Seashore

With prominent dunes and white sand beaches, the Cumberland Island National Seashore is the largest of Georgia’s Golden Isles, and features a stunning natural coastline spanning 17 miles.

Cumberland Island is safely nestled among the borders of the shoreline. Located just off the coast of St. Marys, the island can only be accessed via ferry – so you better make sure to pre-book a ticket.

However, you are welcome to hike around the seashore to experience the breathtaking views of the open coastline.

Host to a wide variety of plants and privy to frequent wildlife sightings between the ruins and along the beach itself, this area offers you many unique opportunities to get up close and personal with nature that you truly will not get anywhere else. It’s no wonder this beach garners so much attention!

3. St. Simons Island

Soak up the sun’s rays and feel the golden sand between your toes while exploring St. Simons Island beach. Located on the south-eastern coast between Savannah and Jacksonville, St. Simons is the largest barrier island in the Golden Isles. 

It thrives as a seaside resort, and is favored by couples, families, and those who simply love to take peaceful sunset walks. The natural ambiance of St. Simons Island is something that must be experienced in person. 

And if the beach life isn’t for you, there are many other things for you to do, such as exploring the fishing pier or even embracing your inner child by having fun in the playground.

The beach also has plenty of opportunities for more recreational activities, so whether you enjoy grilling, birding, biking, fishing or shelling, you’ll find something to keep you ticking over.

4. Little St. Simons Island

Among the least developed islands of Georgia’s Golden Isles lies Little St. Simons Island. It is separated from St. Simons Island by the Hampton River, and flaunts an impressive 7-mile-long coastline. 

This island is privately owned and can only be reached by boat, so you must arrange a visit with the Lodge office if you want to see the land. They offer day-trips and overnight packages along with guided fishing tours, hiking, birdwatching, and historical and ecological tours, so you can be educated about the history of the land.

The forest on the island is home to over 330 different species of birds, including Wood Storks and Bald Eagles, making it the perfect birdwatching location.

Sports fishing is also quite a trend in the tidal creeks and can often lead you to score flounders and speckled trout. You might even be able to spot dolphins and right whales here, too!

5. Jekyll Island

This sea island is another of Georgia’s Golden Isles, and is located in the Glynn County. Jekyll Island is one of several hidden gems on this list, offering a peaceful and serene beach experience like no other. 

Park rangers offer guided tours of the island’s maritime forest, educating those willing to listen about the coastal ecology and rich history of the island.

With other tours being conducted at the nearby Landmark Historic District, Jekyll Island has become a popular tourist attraction for nature and history buffs – and it’s very clear as to why. 

Additionally, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center sits only a 5-minute drive away from the heart of Jekyll Island. As the only sea turtle education and rehabilitation facility in Georgia, it is an experience that you will not want to miss out on!

6. Driftwood Beach

Decades of soil erosion has carved Driftwood beach into the destination it is today. Located at the northern end of Jekyll Island, this romantic paradise is just a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of the island. 

The unique beach is popular with many photography enthusiasts and is a well-known wedding destination.

Though its white sand is an indescribable sight to behold, the eerie sight of bleached tree branches and roots are like something from another world – creating an extraordinary atmosphere that you will not get anywhere else. 

Spend an evening at the beach and watch the beautiful orange and red hues of the sunset reflect off the driftwood. It’s no surprise that it has solidified its status as one of America’s ‘Top Ten Romantic Beaches’ time and time again!

7. Glory Beach

Pristine sand dunes, a steady ocean breeze and wildlife galore: the secluded paradise of Glory Beach is a must-visit!

Situated at the most southern point of Jekyll Island, this effortlessly beautiful beach is a place of tranquility for the quieter individual. It is also widely recognized as the location of the Academy Award-winning motion picture Glory

Its location and the soothing sounds of nature help to give you the space you need to unwind and relax. Unfortunately, the beach is a protected site for nesting and migrating birds, so you won’t be able to bring your beloved pet along for the day.

The beach can be easily accessed from the parking lot of the adjoining Soccer Complex, or by a lengthy boardwalk (built for the filming of Glory) that crosses natural sands and provides you with an undisturbed view of Cumberland Island in the distance.

8. Gould’s Inlet

Located on the northern point of St. Simon’s Beach sits Gould’s Inlet. It’s widely known for its opportunities for birdwatching and ocean observation, rather than as a beach destination, but we wanted to include it in this list.

Not only will you see local fisherman milling about on the boardwalk and along the beach, but you’ll also be able to catch keen water sports enthusiasts putting their skills to the test. 

Gould’s Inlet offers several basic public facilities, including a fishing pier and showers, so you can comfortably enjoy your day out. However, there are limited parking spots available, so you must ensure you arrive early to avoid disappointment! There are no lifeguards monitoring this location, so it’s advisable not to go for a casual swim in these waters.

9. St. Andrews Beach

Situated close to Jekyll Island, St. Andrews Beach allows you to remove yourself from large crowds whilst basking in part of Georgia’s deep-rooted history. 

St. Andrews beach is well-known for its offshore dolphin sightings, its seemingly infinite number of seashells and the occasional wood stork visit. Visitors can enjoy many convenient amenities and services such as a walking trail, public beach access, and restrooms.

There is also a short pier for fishing, and plenty of space for wildlife watching from a nearby observation tower – which also provides views of the oak forest, and the Brunswick bridge.

Take a short walk up from the beach to find an adjoining shaded picnic area. With tables draped in Spanish moss lounging around underneath the protective branches of live oak trees, you have the best of the golden beach and greenery right at your fingertips!

10. Nanny Goat Beach

Part of Sapelo Island, Nanny Goat Beach stuns visitors with its pristine beauty. A wide stretch of sandy beaches, a friendly atmosphere, and a historical significance that takes precedence makes it a great choice for all visitors.

The beach has distinguishable white sand bordering its shoreline that is great for everything from sunbathing to friendly games of volleyball. Its crystal blue waters provide ideal conditions for swimming and fishing expeditions, so there’s an activity for everyone. 

The rolling sand dunes and picturesque ocean views situated at the eastern end of the beach offer up a great tourist experience. However, there is a distinct lack of public facilities at this beach.

Though this may seem like a major inconvenience, it protects the beach from becoming too over popular and commercialized – which is definitely a plus. 

11. Cabretta Beach 

This serene haven can be found at the northernmost point of Sapelo Island, and is the perfect solution if you want a quieter and more secluded beach going experience. 

The Cabretta Campground stands but a short-distance away, which is the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the other beaches on this list. Though you may feel isolated, the campground is well-equipped to cope with large numbers of tourists.

It has several public convenience facilities including indoor bathrooms, picnic tables, and a large firing ring, which makes visiting the beach a smoother experience. Walk beyond the campground, and you’ll find yourself on a trail that will take you directly to the high-rise sand dunes of the beach.

Why don’t you dip your toes into the crystal clear waters of Cabretta Beach, and enjoy a brisk walk along the shoreline? You will not be disappointed! 

12. Robin Lake Beach And Callaway Gardens

During the summer months, Robin Lake Beach is the star of the show.

Established in 1952 to conserve the native azalea species, the world’s largest artificial beach stretches a mile around the 65-acre Robin Lake. Located in the glorious Callaway Gardens, you usually wouldn’t expect to find a sprawling white sand beach alongside a lake in the middle of Georgia, but that’s exactly what this beach offers. 

Aside from being able to swim and sunbathe at this large man-made beach, Robin Lake offers a whole variety of outdoor thrill activities including wakeboarding, canoeing, biking, hiking, and even picnicking. 

The park has all the amenities you need, including public restrooms, a children’s playground, giant chess and checker sets and miniature golf. You can also buy food in the restaurant located close by, or live on sweet treats. It’s completely your decision!

13. John Tanner Skate Park And Beach

John Tanner Park is a landmark located in Carroll County. Boasting over 138 acres of land, the park is home to the largest sand beach in the state of Georgia. 

It offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities including swimming, sunbathing, fishing, paddle boating, hiking, picnicking, and camping. It’s nothing extremely special, but it’s an excellent location for a day of family fun, with the addition of relevant facilities dotted about.

John Tanner Park also offers a fully functional campground that grants you near constant access to the beach. This is fully equipped with electricity, water, and cable TV connections – all for your convenience!

As a result, the large beach is popular with campers and locals alike, meaning it is often too crowded for those seeking a relaxed day at the beach. Therefore, it may be more suited to families, rather than quieter individuals wanting to take an evening stroll along the beach.

14. St. Catherines Island Beach

This beach is often named the best beach in Georgia. Though this may be subjective, there’s no doubt that the 10-mile-long spectacular coastline represents every beach lover’s dream! 

Located in Liberty County, over half of the island is covered with tidal marsh and wetlands.

Owned by the St. Catherine Island Foundation, The remainder of the island is closed off to the public to support the conservation of endangered natural elements, and to ensure the protection of the historically significant site.

The beach is also a popular destination for visitors, with many attending for beach combing, swimming, and hosting picnics.

15. U.S. Coast Guard Station

Situated south of Gould’s Inlet, the U.S. Coast Guard Station also referred to as “First Street Beach Access” is a prominent, and very wide, section of beach located around the region of St. Simons Island.

Named after the historic coast guard station that still stands at the entrance today, it provides a great day out. 

The Coast Guard Bathhouse facility is conveniently located on-site near the beach access. A drop-off area can be found front of the beach access to unload your beach gear for the day.

Additionally, this facility provides showers, public restrooms, shaded picnic tables, grills, bike racks, water hoses to clean your beach gear. The beach also features a concession stand for you to purchase snacks and drinks.


Whether you’re looking for a family day out packed with fun and adventure, a place to observe wildlife, or are simply seeking a quiet stroll along the shoreline, you can be rest assured that one of these beaches will provide you with your perfect beach experience!