Best Motorized Kayaks

The difference between fishing kayaks and fishing boats is becoming ever smaller.

Incredible innovations in design and technology mean that the humble fishing kayak is fast becoming as effective and stable on the water as a classic dory, with the added bonus of being lightweight and compact enough for easy maneuvering and portability. 

The freedom and possibilities that these advanced fishing kayaks are opening up for anglers are endless, and as a result they are soaring in popularity. 

One important development in the design of fishing kayaks is the mode of propulsion.

Although the traditional paddle propulsion is still popular, new pedal controlled designs are fast becoming the preferred choice due to the hands-free nature of their design. 

But many anglers are opting for motorized kayaks these days, bridging the gap between boat and kayak more than ever before. In particular, electric trolling motors are revolutionizing the fishing kayak world.

Motorized kayaks allow anglers to cover more distance in less time and make adventurous fishing expeditions possible without the expense of hiring or buying a boat.

You can be out on the water for longer without tiring, and can explore further stretches of river and bigger lakes with ease and agility. 

Many anglers choose to have a motorized element to their kayak as a secondary source of propulsion, affording them peace of mind in situations where conditions become too rough to row or their arms or legs tire, or to enable them to travel upstream and then silently paddle back down with the current.

And these vessels are making it easier for those with disabilities to enjoy fishing out on the water in a way that would not be possible otherwise.

What is more, though some still do not allow them, most big kayak fishing tournaments are allowing motorized kayaks to be used by contestants these days.

So, read on for our list of the best motorized fishing kayaks available today, plus a complete buyer’s guide explaining all you need to know about these fantastic vessels.



  • Brand: Wilderness systems
  • Model: Radar 115
  • Length: 11 feet 8 inches
  • Weight: 85 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 450 lbs 
  • Seating capacity: 1 person
  • Material: polyethylene

First up we have this incredible offering from Wilderness Systems who are a highly respected and experienced brand.

The Radar 115 is a best selling kayak for more than one reason, but the most obvious is its versatility. 

The brand describes this kayak as being tri-powered, and that is because it is compatible with both the Helix MD Motor Drive and the Helix PD Pedal Drive, as well as being able to be paddle driven.

The pedal drive and motor drive systems are both sold separately however, and should be factored in as an additional cost before purchase.

They can be mounted on this kayak with no alterations or complications, so you can pedal or let the electric trolling motor zip you along hands-free.

The Radar 115 boasts a S.M.A.R.T. hull with innovations in shape, hull channel depth and chine rails which optimize its performance on the water.

The bottom of this yak is so flat that you can stand up to fish, allowing you to cast far further than is possible from a seated position.

Better still, it stays stable even in choppy conditions. The new improved hull design means that the Radar 115 has excellent responsiveness as it tracks through the water and can maneuver with accuracy and control.

Best of all, it accelerates easily, allowing you to get on the move without feeling that the vessel is sluggish and slow.

In terms of comfort, Wilderness Systems have pulled out all the stops on this one so that you can stay mobile and comfortable for far longer than usual.

The AirPro Max seat is unbelievably comfy and has an upright position which encourages healthy posture and great mobility.

From up on this seat you get a great vantage point of the water and are better able to see oncoming obstacles and potential catches!

Amazingly, this seat has three positions  that span the length of the kayak, meaning that you can adjust it to your personal preference, and create space in front or behind you for luggage or even a canine passenger. 

What is more, the kayak has moulded footrests that can be adjusted to accommodate any leg length, so you will fit snuggly and feel secure in this vessel no matter what your height.

The sit-on-top style of this kayak allows you room to move about and maneuver easily, and also makes it very easy to reach kit and belongings in the rear of the vessel.

Speaking of storage, the Radar 115 has multiple hatches to keep your belongings and gear in, and has a FlexPod OS which can house fish finders and transducers, as well as being a great place to keep your pedal drive or motor drive systems.

The kayak is rigid with Flex Trac rails on which you can mount accessories, and it also has an incredibly handy paddle park where you can leave your paddle when you aren’t using it.


  • Very competitive price
  • Tri-powered - three propulsion options
  • Flat bottom - great for standing
  • AirPro Max seat - for comfort
  • Adjustable padded footrests
  • Flex Pod OS removable compartment for electricals and motor systems
  • Multiple storage hatches and dry compartments
  • SlideTrax rails and plenty of room for accessories
  • S.M.A.R.T. hull technology and design


  • Slightly slippery deck - extra padding is recommended
  • Motor Drive and Pedal Drive not included
  • Heavy weight so difficult to transport


An great affordable option which excels in its performance on the water.



  • Brand: Old Town 
  • Model: Sportsman 106
  • Length: 10 feet 6 inches
  • Width: 37 inches
  • Weight: 104 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 404 lbs
  • Seating capacity: 1 person
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Motor: Minn Kota 12 V motor, 45 lbs thrust
  • Battery: 12 V lead-acid or lithium

Next up we have this absolute winner from Old Town, which comes with a Minn Kota 12 V motor included.

The motor is very discrete and not too noisy, and it can achieve 45 lbs of thrust which is more than enough for this kayak. 

The best part is that this motor is entirely separate from the kayak and can be removed. There is a plug provided that will fill the hole and transform the vessel back into a traditional, paddle driven kayak.

This option is very useful, especially when you want to be very silent and move very slowly. The Minn Kota motor is salt-water ready and is controlled via a powerboat-style throttle for super easy use.

The motor is not the only great thing about this kayak, however, as there are lots of fantastic features that make this an incredibly angler friendly vessel.

Firstly, the customizable accessory rails allow you to rest rods and attach gear up and down the length of the boat, maximizing the amount you can bring on board.

If that isn’t enough, this kayak has multiple dry storage containers and a large tankwell that can carry plenty of gear.

The open cockpit and ample surface area make great spaces to place items that you need easy access to on your trip and to lay out the fish that you catch along the way.

There is even a tackle box thrown in! Another brilliant innovation is the addition of three through-hull wiring kits and an in-built transducer mount. 

This allows you to attach and set up your fish finder easily, without having to drill unnecessary holes in your kayak!

The Old Town Sportsman 106 has foot brace steering, so you can stay completely free whilst you maneuver this through the water.

And this kayak tracks very well indeed, due to the extra large rudder that allows you to turn on a pin and have excellent directional control.

In terms of comfort, the EVA Foam deck pads prevent slipping and allow you to feel confident and safe both sitting and standing on this vessel.

The dual layered Textilene seat is durable and UV resistant, as well as being comfortable and good for your posture. 

It can be positioned high or low in the boat depending on your preference and will allow you plenty of mobility and adjustability.


  • Comes with Minn Kota motor included
  • Cushioned floor pads - for comfort and grip
  • Accessory tracks,tackle box and multiple rod holders
  • Dual layer textilene mesh seat - for comfort
  • Extra large rudder - increased control
  • Foot brace steering - hands-free
  • Universal transducer mounting system


  • Maximum weight capacity could be better
  • Batteries not included
  • Not compatible with flooded batteries


A premium option for serious anglers who are looking for comfort that lasts throughout long excursions.



  • Brand: Fissot
  • Model: folding canoe
  • Length: 130 inches
  • Width: 33.5 inches
  • Weight: 61 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 572 lbs
  • Seating capacity: 1 person
  • Motor: 480 W retractable motor
  • Battery: 55-60 AH 2V battery
  • Material LLDPE 

Now, if you like the film Transformers… you will love the folding canoe by Fissot!

This kayak is incredibly stable on the water thanks to the retractable arms which extend like wings to minimize wobbling and keep the whole craft steady. 

The arms are easy to use and look super futuristic too!

In addition to this, the folding canoe by Fissot has a handy standing rail that extends to a convenient height allowing you to feel confident and secure enough to stand on this vessel. 

The standing rail enables you to stay standing as the kayak moves when you would usually need to sit down, and this means you can continue to fish for longer.

The trolling motor is surprisingly powerful considering it is battery powered and can manage to reach a top speed of 7 miles per hour which will allow you to reach far shores in less time.

The battery lasts about three hours before it tires, which can impact on the type of trip you are able to make.

But the controls are incredibly simple and user friendly, and there is a speed control panel onboard which allows you to adjust the speed to suit your purposes, so you have great control over this vessel.

The folding canoe has adjustable foot pedals that can be altered to fit any leg length, making this a versatile option for anglers who have friends and family who might also like to use it.

These pedals can control the rudder and the back of the kayak, so you can steer easily and stay hands-free, navigating even tricky stretches of river with ease and control.

This ease of movement is aided by the lightweight nature of this yak.

At only 61 lbs it is unbelievably light and convenient to transport and store. The fact that the sides fold away also adds to the yak’s compact design.

The multiple dry hatches in the cockpit and tank well of this vessel make storing gear no issue at all.

And the rod holders allow you to rest your rods on the side of the kayak so you can have multiple lines in the water at any one time. 

The only downside to this vessel is that the seat and seatback are not adjustable and this can cause some anglers to cramp up or feel discomfort over extended trips. 


  • Folding stabilizer wings and stand up rail
  • Can fish sitting or standing
  • Motor is easy to use and powerful (7 miles per hour)
  • Motor can go in reverse
  • Speed controller provided
  • Dry storage compartment in bow
  • Very lightweight at 61 lbs
  • Rod holders
  • Adjustable foot pedals can control steering


  • Seat is not adjustable
  • Comfort issues arise on long trips


This lightweight and compact kayak is awesome for those who like to stand whilst travelling and fishing, but has some issues for those who wish to remain seated for the majority of a trip.



  • Brand: Bonafide
  • Model: SS127
  • Length: 12 feet 7 inches
  • Width: 33.75 inches
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 475 lbs
  • Seating capacity: 1 person
  • Material: HDPE 2

Now, although the SS127 from Bonafide does not come with a motor included, it does have a tapered rear that is compatible with most trolling motors.

They will mount easily on the specially designed lip and be able to propel this excel kayak through the waters when you want to travel hand-free.

The reason this kayak makes our list is its insane stability. The developers at Bonafide have worked hard to design a hybrid cat hull which combines serious stability with maneuverability and speed.

The width of the vessel helps to keep it steady on the water so that you can stand up and throw lines as far as you like without wobbling and getting tangled.

Even in tough conditions with choppy waters, the incredible hull design will hold up and minimize rocking. 

In particular this vessel stays flat as you paddle and won’t accentuate your natural body movements.

Usually, the trade off for stability is lack of maneuverability but this isn’t the case with the SS127. The craft turns swiftly and neatly, meaning that you can head to tricky, hard to reach spots with relative ease.

The HiRise seat system is extremely comfortable, and has easy adjustment mechanisms that allow you to re-position easily so you can get into the pose that best suits your fishing style.

And of course, this vessel is certainly stable enough for you to stand up on. The seat can be positioned very high to give you an excellent view of the water and the fish that lurk beneath it.

What is more, the body of the SS127 is fitted with traction pads which minimize slippage. You don’t even have to worry if the vessel gets wet because these pads will keep you safe and secure on your feet.

The SS127 not only has a bow hatch with deep dry storage capacity, but there is also a really handy junk drawer that fits neatly under the seat.

This one feature really is a game changer, and you will find that you use it more than any other storage compartment due to its easy accessibility.

However, for larger items there is the open stern platform with bungee cord which will keep cool boxes and fresh catches secure and out of the way.

The central dry hatch has a through-hull scupper for your transducer, so you can easily install your fish catcher and get good access to the riverbed.

But be warned, the dry hatches do let some water in, so be sure to keep precious items sealed in dry bags.


  • Hybrid cat hull provides, stability, speed and maneuverability
  • HiRise seat with ultra high seat position option
  • Under seat storage drawer
  • Dry pod with transducer through hull accessibility
  • Bow storage hatch for gear with double header hinges
  • Traction pads prevent slippage
  • Rod holders
  • Paddles easily
  • Kayak rear compatible with mounted motors and rudders


  • Not great in shallow waters
  • Not all dry storage is fully waterproof


The SS127 is one of the most stable vessels on our list and is fully compatible with electric trolling motors. It tracks well and has all the features of an excellent angling kayak.



  • Brand: Vibe Outdoors
  • Model: Sea Ghost 110
  • Length: 11 feet
  • Width: 33 inches
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 425 lbs
  • Seating capacity: 1 person
  • Material: rotomoulded single piece polyethylene

If you are an angler who loves gadgets, gear and likes to have customizing options then the Sea Ghost by Vibe Outdoors is the perfect kayak for you. 

This kayak really makes the most of every inch of its body, and has lots of cool storage and mounting options.

The 2 flush mount rod holders are well positioned for easy access so you don’t have to reach too far to grab them. 

Better still, there are 4 integrated gear tracks which can be customised to hold all your bits of kit exactly where you want them.

There is even a magnetized tackle tray included which is a very nifty bit of kit and you will find you use it regularly.

The 10, ideally positioned scupper holes not only allow excess splash water to escape but also support transducer mounts so you can easily attach and set up your fish finder in a position that suits you best.

The Sea Ghost comes with storage compartments and sealed cargo bags which help to keep your personal belongings safe from water damage, even when conditions become rough.

The oversized front storage compartment has a flex top gear cover that keeps it water tight at all times, and the rear platform has handy bungee cord lacing which is great for securing fish and large items.

However, some users have noted that all the storage space and the large central console result in there being very little space to actually stand on this vessel.

Luckily, the Vibe Hero seat is designed for ultra comfort and has full adjustability so it can be altered to suit whatever angle and height that you like to sit at.

The breathable mesh fabric lets air flow freely through it so you don’t get clammy and sweaty even on summer trips.

It also allows splash water to pass through preventing you from ending up seated in a soggy puddle! 

The adjustable foot braces mean that this kayak can be suitable to people no matter what their size, and there is even a convenient cup holder so you can enjoy sipping on a drink and keep hydrated on your fishing trip.

The sleek hull design is ideal for speed and agility. You will find that you are able to pick up pace very easily in this vessel due to the minimal drag created by the well fashioned hull.

This speed is matched with maneuverability thanks to the retractable rudder system, which is toe-controlled so that you don’t need to use your hands to steer the kayak.

As a result you can nimbly reach fish with minimal effort and maximum control.

What is more, the hull is particularly quiet and allows you to be stealthy on your approach so as not to scare your catch away before you reach it. 

This is exactly why the kayak is called the Sea Ghost - because it is ghostly quiet! The only issue is that the toe controlled rudder system is less accurate than a hand controlled system and takes a little more practice to perfect.

At only 62 lbs, the Sea Ghost is very lightweight compared to other vessels of a similar size and build.

This makes it possible for one person to lift and carry from car to shore and vice versa, and there are comfy grip carry handles inbuilt in the body of the boat to make it even easier.


  • Accessories mount
  • 2 flush mount rod holders
  • 4 integrated gear tracks with magnetised tackle tray
  • Toe controlled rudder system
  • 20 inch stern tank
  • Large central console
  • Rear hatch and bungeed tank well
  • Hero seat made of breathable mesh
  • Comfy grip carry handles
  • 10 x scupper holes (suitable for transducer mounts)
  • Ultra quiet hull


  • Lack of control over the rudder at times
  • Not much standing room


The Vibe Outdoors Sea Ghost is a super speedy and spookily quiet option for anglers looking to catch fish that scare easily. It has loads of customizing options and gear gadgets but doesn’t have too much standing room as a result.



  • Brand: Perception Kayaks
  • Model: Pescador Pilot 12
  • Length: 12.5 feet
  • Width: 33.75 inches
  • Weight: 85 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 475 lbs
  • Seating capacity: 1 person
  • Material: polyethylene
  • Propulsion: pedal driven

The Pescador Pilot 12 by Perception kayaks is the perfect choice for those looking for enjoyment and leisure rather than speed or agility.

This wonderful kayak comes equipped with a retractable pedal drive system that slips effortlessly into the well designed scrubber and propels the vessel through the water without you needing to lift a finger.

The vessel can be driven both forwards and in reverse, and the turbo flaps on the propeller are designed to reduce noise and turbulence.

This means that you do not alert fish to your presence and can sneak up on them as stealthy as you wish. The pedals are responsive to your feet and allow you excellent control over speed.

The Pescador Pilot 12 also has a retractable rudder system which is operated via an easy grip steering mechanism that gives you total control over the vessel's direction.

This rudder is highly effective and means that the 11 foot craft has a really tight turning radius and can get through narrow and tricky spots with ease.

However, the craft is not designed to accommodate strong currents and choppy waters.

The pedal drive is not capable of combating powerful forces and for this reason this kayak is better on slow moving rivers and quiet lakes.

The body of the kayak has a single piece construction which makes it resistant to leaks and highly buoyant. The buoyancy means that you float high in the water and experience excellent stability.

The lawn chair style seat is made from a breathable mesh that allows breeze to pass through the fibres and keeps you cool on hot days.

It has enough elasticity to afford great comfort over long periods of time whilst also providing excellent support for your lower back and spine.

The chair has two adjustable settings depending on whether you prefer to sit forward or lounge back and enjoy the sunshine.

The open top nature of this kayak means that there is ample surface area on which to keep gear and be able to reach it very comfortably.

However, for items that need to stay dry there are also multiple sealed hatches.

The central dry hatch has an inbuilt transducer scupper so that you can rig your fish finder easily and get a great idea of what is going on under the surface. 

The pescador Pilot 12 also comes with integrated gear tracks for mounting accessories, and 4 rod holders. Ideal! 


  • Retractable pedal drive pedal system
  • Pedals forwards and in reverse
  • Turbo flaps reduce noise and turbulence
  • Lawn chair style mesh seat
  • Leakproof one piece construction
  • Ample front and rear storage
  • Gear tracks for accessories and 4 rod holders
  • Retractable rudder system
  • Dry storage pods with transducer scupper for electricals
  • Easy grip rudder steering controls with tight turning radius


  • This kayak is not suitable for choppy waters or strong currents


The Perception Pescador Pilot 12 kayak is great for those who like calm waters and relaxing paddles. The pedal drive system is efficient and easy to use and is very fun!

There is plenty of space for gear and you can enjoy long trips due to the hugely comfortable seat system.


The Newport Vessels NV Series is a great example of the type of trolling motor that is perfect for your fishing kayak.

It fits easily onto the back of the vessel via the clamp mount and the three blades work together to reach a top speed of around 4 mph.

This motor is quiet and causes minimum disturbance in the water so as not to scare off fish. It requires 1 12 V lead-acid or lithium-ion battery to run and retains power for roughly 3-5 hours depending on the aH of your battery and the speed setting that you choose to run on. 

This trolling motor has 5 speed settings for travelling forwards and 3 for reverse.

It is lightweight, versatile and very effective.

Best Motorized Fishing Kayaks Buying Guide

Hopefully you have found lots of inspiration for motorized kayaks from the top picks on our list. Here are a few things that you should consider before you make your decision on which kayak is best for your needs.

Best Motorized Fishing Kayaks

Type Of Propulsion

These days there are three key types of propulsion for fishing kayaks. The first, and most traditional, is paddle propulsion.

The second is pedal drive (or PD) which involves a propeller being turned by pedals that you control from the seat of your kayak.

The third is a motorized system (or MD) that involves a propeller being turned by an electric trolling motor that can be attached to your kayak using a simple mount and clamp.

The Benefits Of Motor Drive

The benefits of motorized systems are that you do not need to exert any energy and can concentrate on fishing rather than paddling or pedaling.

You are hands-free and won’t get tired on long trips in the way that you might if required to paddle.

Electric motors can cover greater distances in shorter amounts of time and allow you freedom to roam to more locations per outing. 

The Drawbacks Of Motor Drive

The drawbacks are that you have less control over speed and sound.

Even when an electric motor has multiple speed settings, it will never be as adaptable as you are when paddling or peddling. 

A further drawback is that electric motors have a limited battery life and will only last as long as the battery allows. That is why it is always important to keep a paddle onboard even when you have a motorized vessel.

That way you will always be able to fall back on the old school method of proposition if your motor fails.

Gas Or Electric Motor?

Motors can be powered by gas or by electricity and there are pros and cons to both. However it is generally agreed that an electric trolling motor is perfectly sufficient for a fishing kayak and is the preferred option.

Gas motors will afford you much more power and enable you to reach far shores in a much shorter time.

They will also run for longer and be able to cope with extreme weather conditions more effectively.

However, an electric motor is more suitable for kayak fishing as it is quieter and more lightweight.

In general, kayak fishing is a calm water sport and you do not need excessive thrust and power, nor do you need to reach top speeds. 

A lightweight kayak will not appreciate the weight of a large gas motor and back up gas supply tanks, therefore an electric option is more advisable.

Trolling Motor Qualities

Most motorized kayaks will use an electric trolling motor like the Newport Vessel featured in this article.

Trolling motors are designed to be lightweight so that they don’t weigh the kayak down and they can easily be removed if you wish to return to a pedal drive or paddle drive mode. 

These motors are considered as secondary propulsion rather than the primary propulsion and are therefore only as strong and fast as your own pedaling would be.

They are quiet and create minimal disturbance in the water so that you can move stealthily and creep up on fish without scaring them away.

They are great for giving your arms and legs a break on long days out when you have been journeying on the water for quite some time and they also allow you to get upstream easily and then float back downstream slowly using your pedal drive or paddles. 

Size Of Kayak

The size of your motorized kayak will not only impact the amount of kit you can bring on each trip but also the number of people who can fit onboard.

Many long kayaks will have room for a passenger even if there is no seat for them to sit on, and there is lots of room for dogs to ride on the bow of these vessels if they are well trained and used to the experience.

However, bigger is not always better. This is because the longer your kayak is, the more power you will need to propel it through the water and the more difficult it becomes to navigate in complex stretches of river.

Shorter kayaks will turn faster and generally feel more nimble in the water, so think about where you will be kayaking and whether it is a rocky area with many obstacles or a wide open lake where steering and directional accuracy are less important.

Performance On The Water

The design of your kayak’s hull will dictate how it behaves on the water and different models will excel in different areas.

Boats with a flat hull and excellent chine rails will provide maximum stability and won’t wobble about as you are on the move.

These kayaks are great for open waters where wing and water currents may be stronger.

Kayaks with deep water  channels and rigid hulls will achieve greater speed in the water as they have minimal drag. They will often track very smoothly and cope well in rivers where there is little wind and slow moving water. 

Ideally you want a kayak that achieves the best of both worlds and this is something that many brands offer due to new hull technology and hybrid designs.

The more versatile your hull, the more use you will be able to get out of your kayak.

Standing Or Sitting

Fishing kayaks are generally very stable in order to allow you to stand up on them. This capacity will benefit your casting and will relieve your back on long trips when you don’t want to be seated all day.

However, few kayaks are stable enough to allow you to stay standing  whilst they are on the move. The Fissot foldable canoe featured in this article has a rail which makes standing whilst moving possible, but it is very unique.

For this reason, a comfortable chair with an adjustable back rest is very important. Look out for back rests that provide support as well as comfort because this will guard against injury.

It is also a great idea to have a chair that is breathable and lets water drain away, because some low positioned seats can become waterlogged and soggy on extended journeys.


As fishing is a kit-heavy pursuit, it is important to look at the storage facilities available on any kayak.

Most kayaks have sealed compartments in the front and rear tank wells that are ideal for storing belongings and large items of kit.

However, these compartments are not always completely watertight (even when they are advertised as such) and therefore it is recommended that you put your belongings in a dry bag before placing them in the compartments. 

The rear and front storage compartments are also not always easy to access when you are out on the water.

For this reason look for kayaks that offer some central compartments nearer the cockpit and seat, and that have suitable surface area on which to place items that you may need easy access to. 

Bungee cords are a great way of securing items to the kayak without having to hide them away in a compartment.


Most fishing kayaks are made from high-density polyethylene plastic which is both buoyant and resilient.

Make sure that your kayak has been UV treated so it can withstand long stays in the sunshine without the material becoming weakened or faded. 

In the same way, kayaks that offer resilience in harsh weather conditions and salt water are often a great option and will have a long lifespan. 

The rigidity of your kayak will be key in keeping you stable on the water. It will also be important if you know that you like to fish in rocky waters that have boulders and other potential obstacles.

Kayaks are built to withstand bumps and knocks without sustaining damage or scratches, and many have impact absorption solutions that will help to take the shock out of any collisions so you and your gear are protected.

Rudder Control

Some fishing kayaks come with in-built rubbers, whilst you can attach separately bought rudders to those without.

When choosing a rudder remember that while a large size will maximize directional potential it will also elongate the vessel and can therefore cause scratching and bumping. 

The method of controlling your rudder will differ from craft to craft. Foot controlled rudders are brilliant because they allow you to steer the kayak without having to twist in your seat and use your hands.

This frees you up for fishing and paddling. However, there is an inevitable loss of accuracy with foot controlled steering, and hand steering will leave you in complete control of your vessel.

Customizable Accessory Features

When deciding which fishing kayak is best for you, be sure to look at all the individual bonus features offered by each brand.

Customizable gear rails are really useful as a surface on which to attach your equipment.

Those that run down the length of the cockpit will afford you more options for positioning and will stop your lines from becoming tangled.

Rod holders are a great addition to many of these kayaks and some even offer swivel mount rod holders that give you 360 degree mobility so you can throw your line in wherever you need it.

The popularity of fishfinders has led to handy compartments being developed in which electrical equipment can be safely stored and mounted.

Many kayaks even have a central scupper hole specifically for transducers so that you don’t have to start drilling holes through the hull of your vessel in order to get a good signal under the water. 


Finally, the cost of these motorized fishing kayaks can vary dramatically from model to model.

Many of the more affordable options do not come with motors included, so be sure to check exactly what you are buying to avoid disappointment. 

And remember, although some of these kayaks may seem expensive, they are generally much cheaper than fishing boats and motorized dinghy yet they perform in much the same way.

They provide a wonderful experience out on the water and they are versatile, transportable and durable, so they are a great investment. Look out for lifetime warranties and always read the small print.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It Legal To Have A Trolling Motor On A kayak?

Yes, it is legal to have a trolling motor on a kayak in the U.S. However, depending on what state you are in you will have to register the vessel with the water authorities as it will need to be registered as a motor vehicle.

What Is The Speed Of A Motorized Kayak?

The average speed of a motorized kayak is between 2 and 4 mph.

This is because the motor only aims to mimic the maximum speed of your pedaling or paddling and is not designed to race or move as quickly as a boat.

Are Motorized Kayaks Bad For The Environment?

Although nothing is as environmentally friendly as paddling a kayak, motorized kayaks are not terrible for the environment. Gas motors will create noise pollution and there can be oil spillage.

However, lightweight electric trolling motors don’t give off any toxic fumes and are very quiet. Fish and local wildlife will not be disturbed or negatively impacted by these machines.

Is Adding A Trolling Motor To A Kayak Worth It?

Adding a trolling motor to your fishing kayak can be really fun and can allow you to cover greater distances without tiring.

These motors are a great backup option that can help you get back to shore when you need a little extra energy and power, and they also free up your hands so that you can concentrate on fishing rather than on paddling. 

As they are easy to install and are relatively inexpensive, trolling motors are an excellent addition to any kayak fishing adventure.