Best Surf Poncho

One of the things that put many surfers off from hitting the water, is getting out of the water after your session and shivering until you eventually manage to get dry and change your clothes.

Not only this, but you’ve also either got to try and change out of your wetsuit whilst trying to protect your modesty behind a towel or any sort of cover you can find.

The solution for this problem is a surf poncho, and it’s something that not many surfers would invest in themselves as they’ll primarily spend most of the surfing budget on boards, wetsuits, fins, and booties. 

A surf poncho will make the aftermath of surfing more comfortable and enjoyable and even encourage you to hit the beach more often now you don’t have to worry about shivering like a fool or flashing to everyone whilst changing out of your wetsuit.

So whether you’re a surfer yourself, or you have an avid surfer in your life who would benefit from a surf poncho, then keep on reading to find out our best recommendations.


The Sun Cube poncho is made out of 100% microfiber polyester so it’s ideal for surfers who travel all over the world and don’t want anything that’ll add to their already generous luggage requirements.

As the material is microfiber, it also means it’ll dry off pretty quickly so you’ll be able to add it back into your luggage soon after wearing it and you won’t have to walk around in cold wet poncho for your time after surfing.

The poncho comes with a large hood for extra comfort and warmth and even comes with a convenient kangaroo pocket to keep your cell phone or keys in whilst you’re drying off before returning home. 

There is a sewn-on carry handle on the back of the poncho to make it easier to carry with the rest of your surfing equipment down to the shore. 

The wide armholes and slits at the bottom of the poncho design are so convenient for quick changes in and out of your wetsuit without losing your balance. 

The surf poncho is machine washable and will still retain a nice soft texture when it's done numerous cycles in the washer and dryer so you won’t have to worry about it scratching your skin.

The Sun Cube poncho comes in lots of stylish designs and colors which will appeal to a variety of tastes, making it suitable for unisex use. 


  • 100% microfiber material - Lightweight and dries quickly
  • Sewn-on carry handle - Makes it easy to transport
  • Kangaroo pocket - Can store essentials when you’re drying off


  • Material is not as warm as other materials - Not ideal for cold weather surfing


We know surfing equipment can be pretty expensive, so you don’t want to be spending ridiculous amounts on what is just a towel.

That’s why this Catalonia surf poncho is great for surfers trying to stick to a budget.

The oversized fit of the design is perfect for changing in and out of your wetsuit without being indecent in the middle of the beach.

It’s made of a machine washable material which is so convenient for chucking in the washer after returning from the beach.

The thick microfiber material absorbs water quickly so you’ll be able to dry off and warm up quickly once leaving the water.

However, despite absorbing water quickly, it’ll also dry quickly meaning you won’t have to carry a soaking wet poncho home in your car.

The design is equipped with a hood to block the wind and to keep you warm on some of the coldest surfing days of the year.

However, unlike other surf ponchos, the Catalonia design does not come with a kangaroo pocket to store your necessities. 

The poncho comes in 12 colors so surfers will have a good choice of styles to go for when purchasing one for themselves. 


  • Oversized fit - Makes it easier to change underneath
  • 12 colors available - Lots of choice for all style preferences
  • Hood design - Blocks the wind and keeps your warmer


  • No pocket on design - Cannot store essentials when on the beach


This extra long microfiber surf poncho from Ho Stevie! Makes it incredibly easy to strip down and change in and out of your wetsuit on the beach without the risk of flashing someone.

Even the tallest of surfers (average of 6”2) will find themselves loving this poncho for protecting their modesty on the beach. 

The thick microfiber material is warm, very soft on the skin, and dries quickly, so you’ll be able to dry off quickly after finishing your surf session without having to sit around in a wet towel until you head off home.

The poncho is low lint, so won’t leave you feeling all fuzzy after drying off. 

The Ho Stevie! surf poncho comes in three neutral designs that are perfect for any surfer chick or dude.

Despite being an extra-long design, this Ho Stevie! poncho is quite narrow in the shoulders and arm cuts so any larger surfers may find it quite restrictive when trying to change. 


  • Extra-long design - Suitable for even the tallest of surfers
  • Thick microfiber material - Warm, soft and dries quickly 
  • Low lint material - Won’t leave material on your skin after drying you off


  • Arm cuts are narrow - Not ideal for larger surfers


This Open Road poncho is quite different from others on the market as it’s made from a 100% cotton-woven jacquard material that doesn’t have that smudgy feeling as microfiber does.

Even though it’s soft, it’s still warm and absorbent which is perfect for those winter days on the beach when you can’t resist not hitting some waves. 

The Open Road surf poncho has recently been updated with a larger hood design to make it more comfortable and to create a better fit for taller or larger surfers.

The hood also comes with drawstrings to make it tighter if the weather is cold down at the beach and there is also a double-neck button that you can undo if the weather is too hot. 

It’s equipped with a zipper front pocket, so you’ll be able to safely store your cell phone or car keys whilst you’re changing without the risk of them falling out. 

If you’re passionate about helping the environment, then you’ll be happy to know this poncho from Open Road is eco-friendly and the brand partners with the non-profit SEE Turtles. 


  • Zipper front pocket - Stores essentials without falling out when changing
  • Eco-friendly brand - They donate to the non-profit with every purchase
  • Drawstring hood - Can tighten or loosen depending on weather


  • Easily shrinkable - Care needs to be taken when washing & drying


If you’re after a surf poncho that will help you stand out on the beach whilst also keeping you warm after your sessions, then you’ll need to check out the designs from Cor Surf’s poncho range.

They’re available in three sizes, small, medium, and large which is suitable for younger/smaller surfers who don’t want anything that will hit the floor and get dirty, or possibly flash the beach if you’re on the taller side. 

The Cor Surf Poncho is made out of soft and quick-drying microfiber material to keep you warm after returning from hitting the waves but also makes it more comfortable to spend time in after you’ve dried off.

The material is also fade-resistant no matter how many times you put it through the wash or dryer or leave it sitting outside in the sun all day.

There is an implemented kangaroo pocket to store your essentials on the beach whilst also having a hooded design to protect your face from chilly winds. 


  • Fade-resistant material - Quality or design won’t diminish despite extensive use
  • Versatile designs - Suitable for all styles
  • 3 sizes available -  A better fit for different heights


  • Thin material - Not ideal for cold weather surfing

Best Surf Poncho Buying Guide


Most surf ponchos are one size fits all and don’t typically come in male or female sizing.

However, there are surf ponchos out there that are suitable for smaller people or children, so if you’re tall then you’ll need to ensure you don’t pick out one of those.

Best Surf Poncho

Since you’ll be changing in and out of your towel, you’ll need to ensure it's large enough that you won’t get trapped whilst pulling your wetsuit on or off under the material.

Going for a surf poncho that’s too small will have you flashing when trying to maneuver the wetsuit onto your body and also becomes a bit annoying when you’re trying to walk around or carry out tasks.

However, if you are going to go for a larger one then you’ll need to make sure it has slits on the sides to make it easier when you are changing so you don’t have to pick up the material at the bottom to get into your wetsuit. 


Surf ponchos come in all sorts of materials, some of which are better for some purposes than others.

If you’re an avid surfer who’ll be spending most weekends hitting the beach, then opt for one that’s made out of a terry cloth material as these will soak up the water on your body the quickest and keep you warmer and keep you comfortable.

If you’re going to be traveling and you don’t want to add too much weight to your luggage, then go for a microfiber option as these are lightweight and easy to transport around.

However, due to the lightweight material, you will have to sacrifice some drying ability and how warm you will be, so you may just have to use it as a changing towel and get into your normal clothes to warm back up after.

If you’re going somewhere with an extremely hot climate and you only want a surf poncho to help you change in and out of your wetsuit rather than keeping warm after coming out of the ocean, then you should go for a thin cotton option.

They’re quite lightweight and comfortable so ideal for use as a light cover-up from the sun and the ocean. 

You’ll want a surf poncho that dries quickly when you’re outdoors so you’re not just walking around in a cold, wet poncho for the rest of the day as you’ll probably get sick.

Microfiber material dries the quickest and will be great for surfers who are always on the go and don’t want to carry around a dripping wet surf poncho for the rest of the day. 


Surf ponchos weren’t made to be stylish, so you’ll need to accept that you won’t be finding any high fashion ponchos that will have you stealing the spotlight on the beach.

Whilst there are some different styles and colors available suited to certain preferences, most have the same shaping and design. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get A Surf Poncho?

Surd ponchos make it incredibly easy to change in and out your wetsuit without flashing to all other visitors on the beach.

They’re also great for wearing to keep you warm after coming out of the ocean without being huddled under a beach towel and will still give you the flexibility to carry out tasks like packing your gear back into the van whilst still maintaining your modesty.