Best Wetsuit Drying Racks: All Options

If you are an avid surfer, you’ll know how painful it can sometimes be when trying to dry your clothes.

Wetsuits are known to be very water-resistant, but if you don’t dry them then it can result in your suit becoming very moldy and smelly over time.

It is important to dry your wetsuit as soon as you get out of the water.

It is also important to wash them properly every so often so that they’ll be free from the damage you can experience from saltwater. 

It is very important that you dry off your wetsuit soon after getting out of the water, as putting on a damp wetsuit can be very uncomfortable.

But it is very important that you get a wetsuit dryer that you can hang anywhere in your home or your RV.

We would certainly suggest that you find one that is durable enough to withstand the sea and salt wind, as well as being able to fold up and fit in the smallest spaces of your motorhome.

So where can you find the best place to buy a wetsuit drying rack? What features will it have to have in order to give you a thorough dry?

What materials should a wetsuit rack be made out of? How much can you expect to pay for a decent wetsuit drying rack? Does it need to be collapsible?

Well, if you want answers to these questions and a whole lot more, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

We have a list of some of the best wetsuit drying racks that you can find on the market, along with a buyer’s guide that will help you to find the best rack as well as some frequently asked questions from wetsuit enthusiasts.


This wetsuit rack is one of the most compact and the most sturdy as well as the most versatile. You can hang this one pretty much anywhere, stick it on the side of your car and let your wetsuit dry in the sun.

This wetsuit rack has plenty of features that you can use to take just about anywhere - introducing Onefeng Sports Wetsuit Drying Rack.

This wetsuit rack is one of the most versatile that we have seen on the market.

You can use it to not only hang up your wavy and wet wetsuit, but you can also use it to dry wet towels and other surf clothing. If you have a pair of gloves that you’ve gotten wet in the rain, then we would recommend hanging them up on this.


  • This has plenty of plastic hangers that you can use to stick your wetsuit to your vehicle. This drying rack can also handle the full weight of a soaking wetsuit.
  • This rack can be stored very easily when it is not in use. This will not cause any damage to your car, as it is very lightweight.
  • The plastic composition of this wetsuit hanger is very lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about it weighing down your beach possessions that much.
  • This will give you plenty of space in your trunk, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much room.


  • This can only dry two wetsuits at a time, so it might not be suitable for a family-style situation.


This next wetsuit dryer is a little bit more heavy-duty, allowing you to hang multiple wetsuits at the same time as towels, clothing and even bedsheets.

This is suitable for all different styles of outdoor pursuits, whether it is fishing, surfing, kayaking or swimming. You can unfold this hefty unit and use it to hang all your clothing - introducing Hynawin Clothes Drying Rack.

This rack is very durable, giving you everything that you need for a clothes dryer that you can use to hang up your clothing no matter what the weather.

This comes in a 9-pound vertical rod that will give you everything that you need for a solid drying experience. You can set this rod up in less than 15 seconds.


  • This is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, resulting in your clothes being dried in much the same manner as a tumble dryer.
  • You can collapse this one easily, it only takes one move to have the whole thing set up and ready to go.
  • This thing will not rust or corrode, it will be able to weather most of the damage that any wind and rain might visit upon it.
  • This rack can hold lots of weight at the same time, so having it keel over will not be an issue. It has very stable legs that will remain planted on the floor.


  • The price - this rack is one of the most costly that you can get on the market, so if you want a top quality rack such as this, then you might have to prepare to dig into your wallet for it.


Often if you are drying your wetsuit, you won’t want to do it indoors.

Well, thankfully, this rack will make the process of drying indoors a whole lot easier - although we would recommend that you crack a window. 

This rack is very compact and will not take up that much space while you are drying your wetsuit or towels - introducing the Household essentials 5127 Collapsible Expandable Metal Clothes Drying Rack.

If you want to avoid those horrible drips on your carpet, then you can simply put the entire rack in the bathtub. This means that all the water from your wetsuit will simply run down the plughole.

This rack will also fold up nice and easily, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space if you have a small apartment.


  • This rack you can store in many places, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up most of the floor space in your living room or garage.
  • You can fit this one in most spaces, so if it is a nice day, then we would recommend placing it in a small alcove in your garden and allowing your wetsuit to dry by the heat of the sun.
  • Because of the vertical design on this rack, you can save yourself a lot more space, both when you are using it and when you aren’t.
  • This rack is made with a pretty decent aluminum composition. This will stay sturdy even in the most difficult weather conditions.


  • This is probably the flimsiest of all the hangers on this list, if you are using it outside on the beach, then you might need something heavy to keep it weighted.


Our final wetsuit is another one that you can use to dry clothes indoors, with a rack that is heavy-duty and will save you a lot of space with its vertical design.

This opens and retracts like an accordion and will be very easy to set up and dismantle again. We would certainly recommend this if you are on a budget and have little room in your house - introducing the 3-Tier Clothes Drying Rack.

This has a 3-tier system, which will be very useful for hanging multiple layers of clothing. You can hang your wetsuit over the whole thing, which will allow it to dry a lot quicker.

We would definitely recommend this rack for a family who is strapped for cash, but still want that premium drying device without having to spend money on energy bills for the washing machine.


  • This rack comes with a locking device that is simply amazing when it comes to enhancing the stability of your full rack.
  • This is great for drying clothes indoors, you can simply plonk this one in the bath and allow your wetsuit to drip dry, the excess water flowing down the plughole.
  • This will dry your wetsuit a lot quicker than other brands of dryer, as it will distribute the fabric over a much greater surface area.
  • This dryer is very lightweight and will disperse the moisture in any fabric in super-quick time. It is also super resistant to rust and other corrosive elements.


  • This cannot really deal with fabrics that are low-hanging to the ground. If you want to hang your wetsuit with other fabrics, then you might want to look into another rack.

Best Wetsuit Drying Racks Buying Guide

When you are shopping for your next wetsuit rack, there are a few things that you’ll need to be aware of.

You’ll want your rack to be durable first of all, as the chances are that you’ll be hanging lots of clothes from it and you’ll want it to be sturdy. 

A wetsuit can also be very heavy, especially when it is soaking wet, so you’ll need your wetsuit to be durable enough to support that.

Best Wetsuit Drying Racks: All Options

Here are a few things that you’ll need to be looking for when you’re shopping for your next wetsuit:

What Is it Made From?

The most durable of the wetsuit racks will usually be made from steel or aluminum. This is because they are very heavy and can stay anchored to the floor, even when you load them up with plenty of wet fabrics.

Having an aluminum construction will also be very important if you ever want to hang your clothes outside.

This is because metal is very durable and can withstand the chronic wind, rain and intense UV light that you can be exposed to.

Is It Collapsible?

Most of the racks that we’ve listed above can be folded. This makes them very useful when it comes to storing them in the garage or in the corner of your home.

Having a rack that will not take up too much space will be very important for those who own small apartments.

If you are traveling with your rack also, then this will be a good reason to have it collapse, so you can fit it in with all your other stuff.

If you are a heavy packer when you are going out with your surfboard, then you’ll want things to be as compact and lightweight as possible.

How Portable Is It?

You’ll need your rack to be fairly portable, especially if you want to dry your clothes when you are out on the beach.

The beach wind on a sunny day will dry your wetsuit in no time at all, so we would definitely recommend that you dry it using this method rather than using the washing machine when you get home.

As your wetsuit is made from fibers anyway, if you leave it wet for too long then it will soon start to stink. If you dry it as soon as you get out of the water, then you can be sure that you’ll reduce the amount of mold and bacteria that will accumulate on it.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price will certainly be a factor, especially if you are a student and you have already spent all your money on your wetsuit and your surfboard.

If you just want a cheap aluminum wetsuit rack, then you can buy one from your nearest discount supermarket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make A Wetsuit Rack Yourself?

You can easily make a wetsuit rack using lengths of old piping that you can pick up from your hardware store. You can set these up in a way that it will be standalone, or you can use hard electrical tape to affix them to the wall.

Can A Wetsuit Rack Ruin Your Car?

If you have a rack that attaches to the side of your car, then there is always a risk that you will damage your car with the excessive saltwater that your wetsuit can accumulate.

However, this damage will take years to accumulate, and as long as you wash your wetsuit with fresh water before you dry it, then the risks should be minimal.

How Can You Attach Your Wetsuit Rack To Your Van?

Vans are much more heavy-duty than a car and as a result, can take a lot more weight.

Your van will also be positioned higher than your car, so you’ll be able to hang your wetsuit from the wing mirror without the bottom of the feet touching the floor.

If you have enough space in the back of your van, you can also hang your wetsuit and rack in there.

However, if you are going to do this, we would recommend that you keep the back door open, as the smell that can accumulate in that enclosed space will definitely not be pleasant!