Foam Surfboards Buyers Guide

If you’ve ever been interested in surfing, then you might be looking for a board that will go easy on your body, especially if you are stepping onto your board for the very first time.

This stuff is covered in foam rather than the usual vinyl that you might get on some of your average surfboards.

These boards are perfect for the beginner or intermediate surfers. They are also great to be used for teenagers who are taking their first few strokes out on the waves.

These are hard but not coated with resin or epoxy like some of the professional boards.

If you are thinking of taking your board out on the waves for the first time, then you’ll want to avoid any painful bumps and dings.

This can be very painful, especially if you are not used to taking your board out onto the ocean. We would recommend that you take this one out if you are going to be surfing near some rocks.

These surfboards also have a very long lifespan, as the foam gives them additional cushioning, which is great for lessening the impact of more severe shocks.

The risk of having this surfboard snapping in two is a lot less than it would be with a regular surfboard.

So where can you find one of these foam surfboards? What features do some of these surfboards give you reliable surf on the waves?

How well can they deal with still water? How well can they handle the choppy waves? How much will one of the surfboards cost you? What is the difference between a foam surfboard and a regular one?

Well, if you fancy yourself getting a foam surfboard, then you’ve come to the right place. We have everything that you’ll need to become a real expert in this type of surfboard.

Not only do we have a list of some great foam surfboards, but we have a short history of them as well as the features and benefits.

The Foam Surfboard: The Full Story

As we have mentioned above, a foam surfboard is built in much the same manner as a regular surfboard, although with a few crucial differences.

This surfboard is covered in foam, as opposed to the usual vinyl or the epoxy that you get covering most regular surfboards.

This will make a crucial difference when you are out in the choppy waters.

This is because your board can often be dinged against the rock or, even more painfully, your own body. Getting hit with foam will be a lot easier to tolerate than getting whacked with a hard, shiny surface.

This is great for anyone who has never ventured out onto the waves before.

The likelihood of you getting hurt when you are first starting out is extremely high.

So what better way to mitigate the pain that you’ll feel and increase your confidence on the board than with one of these softer surfboards?

These softer surfboards are also very light, meaning that you can carry them to and from the surf with more ease than you would be able to with a heavier surfboard.

This will also make it easier to cut through the surf and maneuver when you are out in the surf practicing your surfing moves.

What Are The Best Foam Surfboard Brands?

Now that we’ve given you a brief overview of the foam surfboard, let’s have a look at some of the best foam surfboards currently on the market.

We’ll be looking at design features, material, as well as the proficiency that your foam surfboard can grant you on the water.


This first surfboard might be aimed at beginners, with a simplistic egg-shaped design, it is still very durable and is highly rated by surfing pros who use it as a practice board.

It has double maple stringers and an EZ foam soft board underneath, which makes it one of the most pliable boards that you can get on the market - introducing the Wave Bandit EZ Rider 9’0.

This board has a very impressive length that will certainly appeal to intermediate surfers who are looking for that little extra power and speed when riding their waves.

This is constructed from a simple Maplewood core that will be able to withstand a lot of minor knocks and bumps doled out on it.


  • These boards are suited to both experienced shredders and beginners, although the pros will more than likely want to use it for practice, keeping their expensive boards for best.
  • These are called easy riders for their simplicity in running. You can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need to get to grips with the basics such as balance, tricks and maneuverability.
  • You can go nice and steady with this board, either just using it to learn to stand or paddle gently to get used to the movements of the water.
  • These surfboards come in an amazing range of colors, so you won’t have to worry about looking like a dork on your first board.


  • This board is another basic and might have a frustrating lack of dynamic range for a lot of pro surfers.


Next, we have the same board from the same company, but with a slightly shorter length. It has 1 fewer feet in length and 12 liters less volume.

This is definitely one to have if you have never set foot on a surfboard before in your life.

The lighter body and shorter length will allow you better control over your board, especially useful in choppy waters - introducing Wave Bandit EZ Rider 8’0.

This has an EPS core, which will overall make the board lighter and much easier to handle, although you might have trouble wrangling it when it gets up to top speeds.

This board comes with a foam exterior, so you’ll be able to ding it up against the rocks over and over again and not have to worry about it snapping in half.


  • This board is shorter and lighter, therefore it will be much easier to handle when you are out on the waves.
  • The core of this board is also very lightweight, giving you everything that you need to scud through the waves with a lot of power and dexterity.
  • These surfboards are very fun and easy to use, as they have an egg shape that allows you to slice through the water with a lot of ease.
  • They come in a wide variety of vibrant colors, so you can pick out the surfboard that you feel suits your unique surfboarding style.


  • This might not be powerful enough for pros surfers who might be used to hardcore epoxy surfboards, so we would definitely recommend using another board.


This next surfboard is one that has slightly more durability than some of the other surfboards that we have on this list.

It is not only covered in layers of fiberglass that makes it more durable, but it has a very lightweight core that will make handling it out on the choppy waves much easier - introducing Rock It Big Softly 8’0.

One thing that you’ll notice about this surfboard is the amazing color scheme - a lime green top with a zebra-style underbelly.

This is great if you want to catch the eye of other surfers when you are out on the surf. This has 3 safety fins, which will give you a heightened level of control when you are attempting to surf a new wave.


  • This board has a similar egg shape as other foam surfboards on this list. This makes it easy to cut through the surf and will cause you no problems when you are negotiating the harder elements.
  • You can ding this one up all you like, it will be able to withstand a lot more impacts with its softer outside than the harder epoxy boards.
  • This is made from recycled foam, so if you are an environmentally conscious surfer, then this will certainly be an added incentive for you to buy this board.
  • This has a core of epoxy and resin, making it one of the hardiest dual-construction surfboards on the list.


  • This surfboard might be a little too hefty for teenagers who are just starting out on their surfing adventure.


This next surfboard is one of the coolest that we have on this list, coming in a striped and plain reverse pattern, it will give you everything that you need for a decent surfing experience.

It has a dual-composite core that will give you great stability under your feet, which is great if you are trying to practice your cutting and figure 8s - introducing Catch Surf Odysea 7’0.

This is great for both beginner surfers and those who want a practice board to paddle around on during those lazy summer afternoons.

This comes with triple multiple-ply stringers that will give you everything that you need for a very durable surfing experience.

This is great for teenagers who are stepping out on the waves for the very first time.


  • This comes with a special fin box that can be adapted to any style of fin. This adaptability will allow you to upgrade your surfboard as and when you need to.
  • The style - this is probably the best-looking surfboard that we have seen on this list. It comes in a cool blue color that will blend in perfectly with your surroundings.
  • This surfboard is very durable, coming with a dual-core construction that is both very resilient to the harsh waves and easy to carry up and down the beach.
  • The stringers that this board is made from will give it much firmer rigidity and strength, making it the best board for you to have in your arsenal.


  • This might be a little too rigid for some newbie surfers, who might want to opt for one of the softer boards that we’ve listed above.


This next surfboard is probably the coolest that we have on our list, coming with a wood finish design.

It is very light and easy to wield, giving you everything that you need for a compact and easy-to-carry board. 

This comes with a traction pad that you’ll be able to use to keep you on the board for much longer - introducing the California Board Company Surfboard.

This board has excellent safety features, such as a leash that you can use to keep you firmly attached to the board.

If you are just learning to even stand on your board, then these extra safety features will really help you to develop your confidence, which is very important for building your skillset.


  • This has a thick polythene bottom that will really help the water to glide from your surfboard bottom.
  • With a solid EPS core, this surfboard is very lightweight and will give you everything that you need for a more solid and balanced surfing experience.
  • This has 3 wood stringers that will keep your entire board rigid and stable on the surface of the water.
  • This has a great traction pad on the back of the board, which will help to stabilize you, especially if you are getting to grips with choppier waves.


  • The price - you can see yourself paying a lot more for this board. It will give you everything that you need for a secure footing, especially on more variable waves.


Our final board is a lot shorter than the others that we’ve listed above, however, this does not mean that it doesn’t have plenty of stability.

The fact that this is a short board will really help you when you are out on the choppy waves, giving you that extra confidence if you are trying to progress in your swimming skills - introducing Wave Bandit Performer 6’6-inches.

This has high-end performance fins that you can use to navigate your way through still or choppy waters.

This comes with a 4-inch thruster set, which is a set of fins that will help you to cut through the water with a lot of ease.

This is a great board for young adults and even children that want to step out onto the waves.


  • This has a fish shape that will really help you to maintain your integrity when you are out on the water.
  • This surfboard has a 4-fin set that will really help you to negotiate the harder canals and waterways. It will also help you to stay on top of your board.
  • It has a high-density bottom that will be able to withstand a lot of knocks that can often occur on the underside of your board, especially if you are paddling through shallow water.
  • This has a vintage rocker that emulates the style and weight of a traditional surfboard. This will really help if you ever want to graduate to the real thing.


  • This will not have the length that is required for high-octane speed surfers. It will help you cut through the surf, but you might struggle to control it on choppier waters or larger waves.

Foam Surfboards Buying Guide

Now that we’ve given you a list of some of the best surfboards, there will be a few features that you’ll certainly want to be looking at from your next surfboard.

Foam Surfboards Buyers Guide

One of the major ones will be the length, thickness and what they are made from. Here are a few things that you should be looking for with your next foam surfboard:

How Long Is It?

You’ll want to make sure that you have at least 7-feet on the length of your surfboard. Shorter foam boards are much more difficult to control.

How Wide Is The Board?

This will determine how much control you have over it, especially when the waves get a little choppy. The wider the surfboard is, then the easier it will be to stand up in the water.

How Many Fins Does It Have?

If you are just starting out on the noble sport of surfing, then we would recommend that you have at least 3 fins on the underside of your board.

The more fins that you have, the more different the board will ride. More fins will also give you a greater amount of control over your surf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Foam Surfboard Need Wax?

These boards do not require any wax, as their surface has enough purchase on them to allow your feet to remain firmly planted.

Some of these surfboards also have traction pads that will make it even easier to maintain a grip on the base of your board.

Do You Need A Leash For Your First Board?

We would strongly recommend that you have a leash for your board, as this will increase safety.

When you are first starting with your surfboarding, you’ll be pitched into the water more times than not, so you’ll need something to keep you and your board from floating away.