Ocean Ambassadors

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin
No (wo)man is an island; and even though this is a solo expedition, the real success lies in growing the number of people connected to the importance of ocean wellness.

In tandem with the physical challenge of Expedition Pacific, I am challenging a network of schools to create a discourse about our oceans through Expedition Pacific’s Ocean Ambassadors program. And it’s this simple:

Host open discussion based around a topic
Get a live presentation and Q+A
Get outside and do some good in the woods (or rivers, or beaches or oceans….)
Record your hours online and challenge others to keep up!
How does it work?
Once per month in different classes, ranging from English to Math (and, of course, Science), students will watch a preliminary 3 minute video and discuss one of 9 topics ranging from Base Jumping and Wind to Clean Energy to the Uncharted Depths of the Deep Sea. The preparation for this in-class discussion will be finding one article based around the topic to discuss during class the following day.

These topics will be chosen by student popular vote at our lead Ocean Ambassador’s school: The Hammond School in Columbia, South Carolina.

The following day, after the in-class creative discussion led by teachers, the students will be invited to a live interactive webinar taking place across the entire country among participating schools. The speakers will include professional athletes, scientists, business leaders, and experts in the field. With time for Q+A after the 20 minute presentation, students, teachers and other webinar attendees will be able to submit questions for the speaker to answer (so be sure to have your questions ready to go!).

The goal of each of these discussions is to better understand the role the ocean plays in our everyday lives, no matter how diverse the topic.

Sonya and The Hammond School are challenging other participating schools, corporate groups and individuals to match her miles rowed in environmental service.

6,000 nautical miles = 6,000 service hours

Your total hours will be the aggregate of everyone in your group’s efforts. For instance, if 600 students at each school participate, just 10 hours per student will reach the Ocean Ambassadors goal. But, don’t stop there! Going above and beyond that encourages the other groups to keep donating, too!

5 schools reaching this goal will have an impact of 30,000 service hours!

Together we can all make an educational and tangible impact on safeguarding our wild places.

Added Bonus
Each participating school will get scheduled check-in calls from Sonya while she’s on the ocean so she can hear about the range of discussions your school has had.

Want more information about getting your school or community group involved? Send us a message through our contact page.