The 5 Best Costco Boogie Boards

Costco is truly a place of wonders, they sell anything to everything and is one of the few yet best places around where you can buy 50 rolls of toilet paper, a corner couch, and grab a hot slice of pizza all within one store. 

If you don’t live near the beach then it can be difficult to come across a surf or water sports shop that'll have a great selection of boogie boards for you to choose from, or additionally, you could take the risk and buy one online without knowing what the quality is like in person.

Luckily, your local Costco will have a generous selection of boogie boards available for you to choose from and you’ll also get to see what size is best suited for you before you buy it. 

We’ll be going through the 6 best Costco boogie boards in this article to help you with your search as well as guiding you through the buyer’s guide which will enable you to find the perfect boogie board for you.


Our top pick for the best boogie boards is this Wave Weapon model from the brand Own The Wave that’s equipped with an EPS core that makes it well suited for entry-level or beginner boogie boarders.

The strong yet lightweight core offers a balance of flexibility, stability, and buoyancy to give inexperienced boarders the best experience possible. 

The stylish designs will be easily spotted in even the murkiest waters and will suit a variety of style preferences. 

The Wave Weapon comes with a lightweight premium coiled leash for your wrist so you’ll stay secured to your board even on some of the most testing waves.

There are also implemented 60/40 rails that give the rider better maneuverability and speed when they’re riding the waves, which is also beneficial for true beginners. 

The durable material is made to endure all wave conditions so you’ll be able to use it every time you head out to the water. 

The crescent tail on the Wave Weapon offers versatile riding including drop knee style whilst still having total control of the board. 

The board is available in 3 sizes and will be suited for children to grown adults up to 188lbs (or 5 feet 9 inches. 

Included with the board is a guide to how to properly maintain and care for this specific board to help keep it in the best condition possible.


  • Stylish colors - Stands out in the water
  • Premium coiled leash - Will stay attached to your wrist at all times
  • Crescent tail - Offers versatile riding styles


  • Inconsistency in shipping service - Customers have previously received broken boards


Another one of the best boogie boards you’ll find at Costco is this Storm boogie board from BPS. It’s available in 9 attractive colors that will be sure to keep you in sight when you’re riding the waves in the ocean.

The board is super lightweight and has a slick, high-speed surface that may be better suited for riders who have some experience riding waves.

The EPS core helps with buoyancy and the bottom rear channels and crescent tail offer better performance when riding at high speeds. 

Despite being so lightweight, this Storm boogie board is marketed as being great in all wave conditions so whether you’re heading to your regular beach for some soft and slow waves to warm up or getting stuck into some thrashers then your Storm board will still be your go-to board.

This BPS board is suitable for both children and adults depending on the size you choose and there will be 3 various sizes to choose from and a helpful size chart to find the one that is best suited for your height and weight.

The coiled leash will allow you to remain secured to your board without getting tangled when you’re riding, keeping you safe especially when boarding in rougher waters. 

This BPS board comes with a 12-month guarantee, so if you’re not happy or find a fault with your Storm board then you’ll be able to get a free replacement or your money back. 


  • 12-month guarantee - 100% satisfaction or a replacement or refund
  • Coiled leash - Won’t get tangled and hinder your safety when in the water
  • Superslick bottom - Increases speed and makes gliding through water effortless


  • Bubbles may appear if not maintained - Common problem after prolonged use


If you’re a bigger or heavier rider, then you’ll probably want a board that’s a lot more durable and professional to withstand the pressure of your body whilst also enduring the crashing waves.

That’s why this trusty Titan XPE board from Custom X comes highly recommended as they've been developing and producing boards from the mid-1990s and are some of the most popular around. 

They range in sizes 41 to 45”, which is ideal for riders who have struggled to find a boogie board that will fit them properly.

Sizes 41 to 43” come with a single stringer, and 44-45” comes with a double stringer. 

The Titan XPE is made up of surlyn plastic which is considered the best material for a bodyboard so you’ll know it will be able to last you for years to come.

The sturdy martial provides the correct stiffness for drop-knee bodyboarding and will give you good control and speed on the board. 

The board is marketing at being suitable for any level of experience but we feel it leans more towards a more experienced boogie boarder.

It’s available in 4 different colors, red, yellow, black, and blue so hopefully, you’ll be able to pick one that suits your style the best. 


  • Long sizes available - Great for heavy or tall riders 
  • Surlyn plastic construction - Durable without compromising on the speed 
  • Suitable for all levels


  • Doesn’t come with a leash - Have to buy or use your own leashes


This is a legendary board in the game of boogie boarding and we were thrilled to welcome its arrival at Costco as it’s suitable for all skill levels of boogie boarding making it a great choice for the entire family to use.

It has a simplistic yet timeless design that comes in two colors, yellow or orange, and the classic Morey logo imprinted on the surface.

The HDPE slick is high dentistry and hard-wearing for ultimate stiffness and speed when riding massive waves and the TC8 deck is constructed to withstand some grueling wave conditions.

The tailpiece on the board offers more control for the rider whilst the crescent tail design increases the board’s fluidity making it work with all waves. 

This Mach 7 board is best suited for riders that weigh between 160 to 180lbs or are 5 foot 9 to 6 feet in height.


  • Good blend of durability and flexibility - Suitable for all wave conditions and surf styles
  • Highly-regarded brand - Will be reliable for quality 
  • Power-rod stinger - Gives board reinforced strength


  • No leash included - Disappointed for such a big name brand


If you’re new to boogie boarding, then you’ll need to seek out a board that will suit your experience and this Wavestorm boogie board will do just that.

This 40” board is lightweight and has a maximum weight capacity of 180lbs so will be suitable for youths to adults and will still be a great fit for riders with more experience in the water.

The Wavestorm has generous volume and boxy rail for good buoyancy and drive when on the water whilst the contoured and textured deck with rail grips, nose grips, and elbow texture create a secure ride even when the waves are more explosive. 

It has a UV inhibiting deck to help preserve the color and design even when you forget to cover it up from the sun on the beach, so your board should stay in good condition for longer.

The durable EPS core will ensure this board withstands years of riding the waves without hindering the quality.


  • Soft foam construction - Great for beginners
  • UV Inhibited design - Color or design won’t fade in the sun
  • Durable EPS core - Will stay in shape and condition for years to come


  • One size available - Not suitable for taller or heavier riders

The 5 Best Costco Boogie Boards Buying Guide


The main thing you’ll need to consider and work out when buying a boogie board is what size is going to be best for you.

If you’re a taller and heavier rider, then you’ll need to get a bigger boogie board, however, if you’re a kid or particularly small and lightweight then a small boogie board will be necessary as you’ll need to have more control of the construction.

The 5 Best Costco Boogie Boards

Boogie boards come in all sorts of sizes and it can be difficult to know what size would be best for you if they haven’t got a size chart included.

To get a better understanding of what size you’ll need to go for, follow our average size chart below which should give you an accurate estimate of what size boogie board will be best for you. 

Size of Boogie Board (inches)

Weight (lbs)

Height (feet and inches)


























Another thing you may want to consider is the color and design of your board. Whilst it may not be the resounding factor in picking out your boogie board, you’ll still want to find one that suits your personality and style.

If you’re going to be boogie boarding with friends, then you may want to pick out a design that stands out from everyone else’s on the beach so your friends will be able to spot you if they lose you in the water. 

Skill Level

If you’re a casual boogie boarder just looking for something that you’ll be able to take with you to the beach with your friends on the weekend, then you won’t need an advanced or expensive boogie board and a cheaper less durable model will be sufficient.

However, if you’re passionate about boogie boarding and looking for something that should hopefully stay with you whilst you progress and improve your skills then consider spending more money and buying one that has a strong core and an ergonomic design that will last for years to come.

Wave Conditions

You’ll need to factor in what types of wave conditions you’re going to be riding with your board as this will impact the type and size of board you’ll need. 

For larger and faster waves, you’ll want to use a smaller and narrower board for you to have more control when riding them and for small wave days, choose a larger and thicker board to have the most stability on the water. 

If your local beach is known for having fast, impressive waves, then pick out a boogie board that’s constructed with durable material, preferably one with a strong carbon core that will keep its shape. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Boogie Board And A Bodyboard?

Boogie boards and bodyboards are technically the same things in terms of the physical board, but the true term for the sport is bodyboarding, not boogie boarding.

The name boogie board was coined from the brand Morey Boogie which was founded by the inventor of the bodyboard Tom Morey’s surf and boogie board business.

You may find that bodyboards being sold at surf shops are better quality, more durable, and often more expensive whereas boogie boards are marketed towards children and less experienced surfers/bodyboarders who just want to have fun when riding the waves. 

Are Bigger Or Smaller Boogie Boards Better?

Different-sized boogie boards are better suited for different days.

Small boogie boards are best for when the waves are aggressive and bigger as you’ll want the most control over your board to help you move through the waves. 

You’ll want to use your large boogie board for smaller waves that aren’t as aggressive as it’ll help you float better and you’ll stay on your board more. 

How Do I Choose The Right Size Boogie Board?

When you’re standing on the ground, your bodyboard should come up to your belly button.

However, if you’re going to predominantly be riding smaller waves then it’s best to go for a larger board than what is indicated on the available size chart. 

If you’re heavy, then you may want to go up 1-2 inches on your boogie board to help you float better on the water, whereas children or lightweight adults may want to go 1-2 inches down in size. 

For beginners, you’ll want to start with a larger, thicker bodyboard that will float better whilst you get used to riding smaller waves and then downsize once you’re confident to use a smaller boogie board. 

How Do You Maintain A Bodyboard?

Once you’re done boarding you should try to store your bodyboard in a cool environment preferably away from the sun to prevent it from overheating.

Overheating can damage and weaken the material which could cause your bodyboard to be unsafe to ride. When you’re done using your bodyboard you should rinse off the saltwater and sand from your board with cool water.

When you choose to store your bodyboard, lie it flat on the ground when possible and avoid balancing it on the nose or tail as this can damage the shape of these areas. 

Never drag your boogie board on the floor when walking to the water, make sure to carry it otherwise the material can quickly deteriorate.