The Boat

Working with the team at SpinDrift Ocean Rowing, I’ve spent months designing my boat to fit the needs of this expedition with the help of Paul Bieker and Eric Jolley, America’s Cup naval architects. This unique one-off carbon and kevlar boat design weighs less than 300 kg. There is no motor or back-up sail option on board. Mold and design donated by Carbon Craft in Tampa, Florida. Built and outfitted by SpinDrift Rowing, Port Townsend, Washington.

Outfitted for Science
Integrated into the boat’s design is a unique system of equipment from Liquid Robotics. Samples of salinity, temperature, depth, wind speed and GPS location will be taken every 10 seconds, then sent back via satellite every hour throughout the entire journey.

6 oars on board
900 dehydrated meals, 180 drink supplements
Closest human beings to me: Space Station Employees 90 miles above my head (unless a tanker comes within proximity to me)
20 liters/10 minutes: Amount of water produced by electric watermaker
20 minutes: amount of time it will take me to upload 1 minute of footage
12-16 hours: the amount per day I will be rowing
3.5 knots: the speed that the Kuroshio current moves
3 Buckets: Bathrooms on Board (in case I lose one… or two…)
15 degrees of longitude = 1 hour time change ahead as I move toward America
Every 10 seconds: time lapse between data samples
60 liters: Backup freshwater